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Post autor: Dominic » 16 sty 2004, 13:28


I'm sorry, that I have to write these lines in English, but I do not speak polish.....

[Wenn Du Deutsch besser verstehst als Englisch, schreibe mir, dann erkläre ich alles gerne nochmal auf Deutsch]
[Si tu seulement comprend francais, ecrit-moi et je vais essayer d'expliquer ce que je veut]

I am a scout leader in Germany (Akwizgran). My group, that consists of 12 children, who are 11 up to 13 years old and another group with 10 children of the same age, we want to make a common summer camp in Poland this year. The camp will last 2 weeks of which we would like to have common activities with a polish scout group (of the same age) for 5-7 days. We are still looking for a polish scout group in all parts of Poland. We will go to Poland from August 20th till September 3rd. It would be nice, if you could send me an Email when you are interested, if you want to have further information or if you know somebody, who might be interested.

Thank you and "Gut Pfad"!


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